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Support someone who is in prison

You can be sure of one thing: every person who is behind bars, never intended ending up where he or she is. An inmate is someone who may have made a series of wrong choices or was set up. Marginalised by society and very often forgotten by their family, inmates try to survive by living day by day by hanging on to hope. The hope that one day they will come out. The hope that one day they will be able to live a brand new life. A much better life.

Hope can also be found through strangers who encourage, guide and help them.

If these words resonate with you, know that there are many ways to support people behind bars. Find out what you could offer to inmates in your local area. Some inmates just want to have a chat, since they receive no visits. Others may be illiterate and would want the company of someone who reads to them.

You may also support organisations financially who specialise in bringing comfort to inmates.

PRISON FELLOWSHIP’s amazing volunteers are making the following possible each and every day:


Prison Fellowship staff and volunteers are in hundreds of correctional facilities each day sharing the Gospel, spreading hope, and teaching life-changing classes.


of incarcerated men and women
Children often feel lonely and abandoned when their mom or dad goes away to prison. But Prison Fellowship’s provides local children with the Gospel message and Christmas gifts on behalf of their incarcerated parent. These children also receive a special message from their mom or dad, reminding them of their love.


helping formerly incarcerated men and women with programs inside of prisons. We prepare for healthy reintegration by providing life-skill classes, mentors, and access to local community resources.


Their advocacy program works closely with legislators to help retool our system to provide a more just experience so that communities are safer, victims are respected, and people convicted of a crime are transformed.

For more information on Prison Fellowship visit: https://www.prisonfellowship.org/