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Dear friend, you are not on this blog by chance. You are here to consider my proposition:

  • Why not consider a different approach of thinking?
  • Why not try to embark on a new journey by renewing your mind and making use of your talents?

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4 key scientific facts every man, woman and child should know.
The following facts are based on documented scientific research inspired by the work of neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf

    Forgiveness sets you free and cuts you loose from the people that hurt you, so they can’t hurt you anymore. Unforgiveness keeps you entangled so they can still hurt you.
    Laughter dissolves distressing toxic emotions because you can’t feel mad or sad when you laugh. Dr. Caroline Leaf
    People who served (helped) others, experienced a 68% increase in healing compared to those who only got treatment for themselves. AM J Public Health, 2013 Sep; 103(9).
    I can’t: is already a decision. It’s a choice.