How to overcome Depression


The Overcomer created this blog as a response to the growing number of teens and adults who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts.


  • Present my readers with a new perspective about themselves and life.
  • Shift the focus of my readers from sadness and hopelessness to optimism and hope.
  • Help my readers understand that we all have skills (gifts and talents). No matter how insignificant they may seem, our gifts can have a great impact on the life of others.
  • Prevent my readers from committing suicide.
  • Inform my readers about what awaits them after death, in case they commit suicide.
  • Let my readers know that God loves them and created them with a purpose.
  • Answering the question: “Is Jesus Christ real or a myth?” Click here for the answer.


The information on this blog is not intended as expert advice. Views expressed here are my personal opinion. Readers are encouraged to inform themselves thoroughly and find all points of view that apply to them. Links may contain affiliate referrals.