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Who are you

  • You are unique. You can not be replaced. You are important . You are valuable.
  • You are a person with a destiny. You haven’t yet reached the full potential of what you could achieve.
  • You are filled with gifts and talents waiting to be shared.
  • Like a rare and precious gem whose value is still unknown, you are destined to shine and be appreciated.

The World Around You

Everything you do and have is thanks to someone’s work or contribution. You didn’t have to build the home you live in. Someone else did it for you. You didn’t have to plant and harvest the food you eat. Someone else did it for you. You didn’t have to invent ways of communicating with the outside world. Someone else invented electricity and the internet for you. You didn’t even have to teach yourself how to read and write. Someone else did it for you.

Our quality of life is the result of someone else’s efforts and determination.

We all have a part to play in this motion picture called: life.
Of course, not everyone can build a house, teach or make new inventions. We all have specific gifts or talents. Why? For the benefit and upliftment of others.

Every gift, no matter how insignificant it might seem, can be a great help for someone else.

For example: To you reading might be no big deal, but for millions of illiterate adults: filling out an application or reading a bus schedule is a great challenge.

Well, in this case reading is considered a gift you could share by teaching an illiterate person. Tell me, would that not have a great impact on this person’s life?

What’s your gift? Which one of your gifts are you ready to share with someone less fortunate than you?

Our talents and gifts are like lights. It’s time to light-up someone’s darkness.

What’s your talent? What’s your Super Power?
Wanna find out?