You Only Live Once

The information provided is my personal opinion based on Bible verses and the true accounts of individuals who died and came back to life to tell story.

Questions & Answers

Why is it thoughtless to die before your time?

Reason 1 – God loves you so much and that’s why he will always send you help and assistance through people you know and through strangers. Help is always available IF we truly seek it.

Reason 2 – God is a gentlemen and doesn’t force any of us to do anything.
For example no one is forcing you right now to read these lines. If you decide to stop reading, it will be by your own will and choice. But God wants the people he created with such care and love to choose what is right over what is wrong. Moment after moment and day after day.

Reason 3 – Your destiny is linked to the destiny of many people.
Life could be compared to a puzzle and without you an important piece would be missing. You were created to be a blessing and make a positive impact in someone else’s life. This could be done through the right words spoken at the right time. Or the right action done at the right time.

Reason 4 – Everything you think, say and do is recorded in heaven and will be presented to you after we die. You will be asked to justify every wrong thought, word and action you thought, said and did on earth.

?Don’t die before your time.
?Your life is far more important than you will ever comprehend.

Read the true story of people who died, went to hell and came back to tell their story.