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Hell? No, thanks.

Why do good people go to hell?

The information provided is my personal opinion based on Bible verses and the true accounts of individuals who died and came back to life to tell story.

Reason 1 – The nature and character of a human being is not loving. As a child, teenager or adult, each of us has done at least one of the following:

  • lying
  • stealing
  • betraying
  • cheating
  • feel hatred for someone
  • exploding in anger
  • having feelings of unforgiveness

All these things fall under the category of things God hates (sin). Sin is like a big sticky, slimy, smelly, itchy, ugly thing. Dying with one or more of the above mentioned sins is partly what prevents a good person from entering heaven. While God may permit sin on earth, he definitely doesn’t permit sin in his home: heaven.

Reason 2 – Good people go to hell when they reject God’s perfect plan for their life. Because Jesus Christ is the door or the entry ticket to heaven, when a good person dies what will matter is how much he or she allowed Jesus Christ to lead them in their life on earth.

Reason 3 – God made you with a purpose in mind. This purpose included you being thought by the most loving, gentle and patient teacher: Jesus Christ. Jesus is definitely not a fictional character. He is very much alive. Are you ready to know him personally? If yes, you could say this prayer:

“God, I am truly sorry for everything I did in my life that you did not like. Wash everything bad away from me. Teach me how to live the rest of my life in a way that pleases you and lead me towards true Christians who will assist me with my new life chapter. Thank you so much for helping me! In Jesus name. Amen.”