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Will You Really Rest in Peace?

Do we truly rest in peace or go to a better place after we commit suicide?

The information provided is my personal opinion based on Bible verses and the true accounts of individuals who died and came back to life to tell story.

Answer 1 – No, we do not rest in peace and go to a better place after we commit suicide.

Answer 2 – God HATES suicide because he created you with so much effort, care and love.

Answer 3 – Did you know that:

  • You have an estimate of 100,000 hair follicles on your head?
  • Your heart pumps around 2,000 gallons (7,571 litres) of blood a day?
  • Your brain alone has an estimate of trillions and billions of cells?

If you would have the ability to create such a complex living organism as yourself, would you be happy if that organism would suddenly kills itself, after all the worked you had put into it? Certainly not.

You would be pretty angry. Understandably so. Especially if you could tell your creation (living organism) how to live a happier life!

Answer 4 – Committing suicide is considered an act of rebellion against God. The second you die and stand before him, do you really expect you to say: “Well done my child for killing yourself. Now come in and enjoy what I have prepared for all those who fulfilled their destiny.”?

Answer 5 -Something else you must understand is that your destiny is tied to the destiny of several other people (friends, family, colleagues, etc..). When you don’t do what you are supposed to do, not only can you become depressed, sad and have feelings of being incomplete or not well in your “skin, but your action (suicide) can create a negative outcome in the lives of others.

A person I knew committed suicide. His kids were amongst those who found his lifeless body. Can you imagine what negative outcomes their father’s suicide will have on their lives?

Answer 6 – Life is not a nightmare which we can/should end (commit suicide) whenever we want and (hope to) wake up in a better place (death/afterlife).
Life is also not a hotel where we can check out anytime we want.

Answer 7 – God is very organised and he intended everything to have its purpose. Including you.

Of course life is not easy, but that is why the world is organised in such a way that there is help available for every type f problem there is. Shame and desperation lead a person to commit suicide, but I want to point out that you don’t have to face your problems by yourself.

Suicide is NOT the solution to your problem.

Asking God for help is the first step. Go WILL send you help to assist you. He will point you to the right direction and people who can and will assist you.

Answer 8 -Are you ready to trust your Maker and Creator with your problems? What do you have to lose? It is between you and him. Right now. No one will mock you and no one will judge you. Are you ready to try? If yes, say the following words:

“God, I am truly sorry for everything I did in my life that you did not like. Wash everything bad away from me. Teach me how to live the rest of my life in a way that pleases you and lead me towards true Christians who will assist me with my new life chapter. Thank you so much for helping me! In Jesus name. Amen.”

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