About Hell

If God is so good, why does he send people to hell?

The information provided is my personal opinion based on Bible verses and the true accounts of individuals who died and came back to life to tell story.

Answer 1 – Sickness is not from God. Premature death and sending people to hell is not what God wants.

Answer 2 – God never intended for people to go to hell. He created hell as a place of punishment for the devil (satan) and his fallen angels (demons) who rebelled against him. The devil and his angels are the invisible forces who influence – or try to influence – humankind to think, say and do evil things. Their advantage is that they are invisible – to some extend – and that they can manipulate a person, without him or she knowing he/she is not thinking their own thoughts.

Answer 3 – Ending up in hell is a the consequence of the wrong choices a person made while he/she was still alive.

Answer 4 – God created you in his image and wrote in your heart what is right and wrong. That’s why moment after moment, you know intuitively what is best. Ignoring that part of you that is still connected to God and guides your life – leads to sadness, despair, depression and constantly making the wrong choices.

Answer 5 – God’s solution to save the people from oppression and ending up in hell is Jesus Christ. God sent us Jesus to teach, inform us and to take upon himself the punishment you and I should have received after death, from making the wrong choices (or rebelling against God).

Following the teachings of Jesus, guarantees that we will spend eternity in heaven.