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About Jesus Christ

What If Jesus Was Real?

Who is Jesus Christ?

Answer 1 – According to the Christian belief, Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Actually Christians believe in a triune God, meaning that God is three in one: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Spirit of God (also referred to as the Holy Spirit).

Answer 2 – Let me put it differently.
God the Father can be compared to the Boss of a company called Terra.
Jesus Christ is the CEO and helped to Terra.
The Holy Spirit is in charge of Terra’s Human Resources and the point of contact between the Boss/CEO and the employees of Terra.

Why is Jesus so important?

Reason 1 – Jesus Christ is God’s solution to the problem: where do people go after they die? When a person dies he or she either goes to heaven or to hell.
God NEVER wanted people to go to hell. He created hell as a punishment for the devil and his demons. Unfortunately when a person dies in a state of rebellion against God, he or she will go to hell as well.
Read the true stories of people who died, went to hell and came back to tell their story.

Reason 2 – Jesus came to teach and inform people about several things including:

  • how to live a better life
  • how not to rebel against God (rebellion is rejecting God’s love and advices on how to live, in order to fulfil your destiny).
  • the true nature of God (loving, kind, patient, joyful, compassionate, etc…)
  • the true purpose of live on earth and how to live it.
  • what happens after death.
  • what is heaven like.
  • what is hell like.