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Help prostitutes and drug addicts

None of us wants to be judged. The same goes for prostitutes and drug addicts. Why? Because surely their childhood dreams did not include becoming a “prostitute” or “drug addict”. These are individuals, who trough a series of bad choices have found themselves trapped. They are to be approached with great compassion and love.

If you these words resonate with your heart, you can make a difference in the lives of prostitutes. How?

You could for example distribute condoms and sandwiches to the prostitutes in your local area. Many prostitutes are broke and have to do job after job, without eating a meal.

Prostitutes are used to give so they will welcome receiving something positive for a change.

The story of Dov Bikas.

Dov Bikas used to be depressed and addicted to alcohol. At the age of twelve he immigrated to Israel with his parents. Dov came out of depression and is no longer addicted to alcohol. In 2012 he opened a center in Tel Aviv.

His center helps street addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes, regardless of their race or religion. Basic needs like food and clothes are met. The main purpose, however, is to help people get fully restored, return to normal life and to their families and become a blessing to others.

The center is open 6 days a week and hundreds of addicts pass through it every month. They come daily in all kinds of conditions for a bowl of soup, clean clothes and to get first aid for their damaged arms and legs.

For more information and your donation, visit: http://avivministry.com/en/