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Science and Spirituality

What does science say about spirituality?

Let’s first establish the fact that you are not only the body you inhabit. Did you know that a human being is made out of visible and invisible parts? Yep. That’s even scientifically proven.

Dr. Caroline Leaf, is an expert researcher in neurology and neuroplasticity. In other words she is an expert when it comes to analysing and studying the human brain. This Scientist, Therapist, Author and Speaker states among other things that the human being is made of a body, a mind and a spirit. She also states that our intuition resides in our spirit.

For more info about Dr.Caroline Leaf: https://drleaf.com/

Dr. Kelly Turner a Harvard graduate, is a New York Times bestselling Author, a Screenwriter and a Producer. Dr. Turner specialised in research focusing on the reasons some cancer patients heal despite being given a few months to live.

In one of her articles (full article here) she discusses how choices make based on our intuition lead to better outcomes.

For more info on Dr.Kelly Turner: https://kelly-turner.com/