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Who Can Suffer From Depression?

  • Young people
  • Men
  • Women
  • Older people
  • Pregnancy and early parenthood
  • Multicultural people
  • LGBTI – individuals whose sexual preference are not aligned with the traditional norms. People who have undergone a physical (surgical sex change have reported developing depression )
  • Religious individuals

Causes for depression

Depression can be genetic or slowly develop in a person.
The main causes for depression are:

  • genetic – if one or both of your parents suffered from depression, medical research has concluded that the children might developed depression as well.
  • abuse – a person suffering from verbal, psychological, physical or sexual abuse can develop depression.
  • break-up – after a relationship or a friendship ends, the person who is most sensitive and emotional may develop depression.
  • alcohol – some scientifically documented side effects of alcohol consumption are depression, self-harm and suicide.
  • drugs – similar to alcohol (alcohol is actually a legal drug) some scientifically documented side effects of illegal drug consumption are depression, self-harm and suicide.
  • pharmaceutical drugs – some drugs may cause depression. If you are on medication check the document provided with your medication to see if depression is listed as a side effect.
  • environmental – a person’s living conditions, city or country they live in can cause depression.
  • war veterans – having been through and witnessed many unspeakable things, war veterans are at a high risk of developing depression.
  • former cult members – after leaving a sect, the former sect member usually struggles to live a normal life. Depression might develop as a result.
  • loss – a person might develop depression after a financial loss or after loosing a loved one.
  • religious individuals – people who believe in God but don’t know him personally. Find out more about this.
  • atheists – people who don’t believe in God usually believe and science. However, science does not provide answers to important questions such as: “If there really was a big bang that started life, who made the bang? Who created me and why? Where do I go after I die? I have everything I need (health, food, shelter, money) but why don’t I feel happy inside? Uncertainty and not having answers for all or some of the above mentioned question, can lead atheists into depression.